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10 hours ago
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Statistics from all our courses this year
D1E 100% pass first time
BE 96% pass first time
94% overall first time pass rate
72 passes with 30 passes in a row

We get the results you want when you ... See more

11 hours ago

We only have ONE course left in August. If your looking to take your BE test soon dont miss out.

This course would also be suitable for people wanting to take their D1E or C1E and have already ... See more

2 days ago

A huge congratulations to Morgan on passing his BE towing test today on his first attempt with just 3 faults. Morgan needed to be able to tow heavier trailers as part of his fencing work. He also ... See more

5 days ago

Congratulations to Nick R from Blue Peris on passing his D1E 17 seat minibus & trailer test today on his first attempt.

1 week ago

A small selection of our first time BE towing test passes.

1 week ago

A few D1 & D1E 17 seat minibus first time passes.

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