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15 hours ago

Da iawn Rhys Owen am basio ei brawf BE tynnu trelar tro cyntaf hefo mond tair nam. Roedd Rhys eisiau gallu tynnu carafan ar gyfer mynd ar gwyiau hefo'i theulu.
Well done Rhys Owen on passing your BE ... See more

2 days ago

SAVE ยฃ100
If you book the 25th & 26th of July today.
Suitable for BE C1E D1E

4 days ago
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So far this year 55 people have passed their vocational tests with DTC. 93% of them passed on their first attempt the rest on their second.
Thats nearly 3 every week.
Why dont you contact Rich to ... See more

4 days ago

Gerald currently has a sub 3500kg car & caravan combo. However he has an eye to the future & wants to be able to snap up a larger / heavier caravan if the opportunity arises. So he booked onto our ... See more

5 days ago
Gerald practicing for his BE trailer towing test later today

Gerald practicing for his BE trailer towing test later today.

He went on to pass first time with just 2 faults.

Most of our clients pass first time with a very low average fault score.

5 days ago

Early start today but well worth it. Well done Emma F on passing your class C / CE Mod 4 CPC with 100% on your first attempt. Emma took our mod 2 / mod 4 online and practical course package.

5 days ago
Gerald practicing for his BE trailer towing test

Gerald practicing for his BE trailer towing test

1 week ago

Steve from the OBT Aberdovey needed to be able to tow trailers with a 17 seat minibus for his outdoor work, After speaking to other members of staff at the OBT who had also use DTC for D1 & D1E ... See more

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