Police C1 / D1

Police drivers are exempt from the CPC regulations so only need to take the following tests to gain the C1 & D1 licence they need.

1, PSV & LGV Mod 1a Theory test (100 questions 85% pass mark)

2, PSV & LGV Mod 1b Hazard perception test (19  videos with 20 hazards 65% pass mark)

3, PSV & LGV Mod 3 practical driving test (fewer than 15 driver faults & no serious or dangerous faults)

If at a later date you want to drive a C1 or D1 for “work” reasons you would need to add the following tests.

4, LGV or PSV Mod 2 Case studies (pass mark 40/50)

5, LGV or PSV Mod 4 Practical demonstration (pass mark 80/100 plus you must get at least 15/20 in each of the 5 areas)

We offer discounts on training costs for the following occupations

Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance, NHS, Serving & Ex forces, Prison officers, RNLI, Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue.